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"I volunteer at PAR because I love seeing the change in people from the beginning of a phone call or hospital visit to the end. They become less anxious and more at ease with what has happened to them." ~ Mollie S., Advocate


Want to be a PAR Volunteer? 

We hold three volunteer advocate trainings a year. Our first training of 2019 will be held Thursday January 31st through Sunday February 3rd. The second training will be held Thursday May 30th through Sunday June 2nd.

PAR volunteers provide crucial services for adult survivors of sexual assault and their families and loved ones. As a volunteer, here are a few of the things you could be involved in:


Crisis Advocacy

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line, providing support to survivors in time of crisis

  • Hospital Response, providing support for survivors during medical treatment

  • Resource and Referrals, helping to connect survivors to agencies in our area

Community Outreach

  • Public Awareness, helping us plan events and raise awareness about sexual violence and the services we provide



Crisis Advocates complete 25 hours of training. Crisis Advocate volunteer trainings are held three times per year. Community Outreach volunteers complete a 2 hour training. Fill out an application to schedule a community outreach volunteer training. All new volunteer applicants must come in for a brief interview and consent to a SLED background check prior to attending training.


Excited about volunteering with People Against Rape? Read the full volunteer description, fill out our volunteer application, and attend one of our volunteer trainings! For more information, please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at or call our office at 843-577-9882.


"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer." ~ Author Unknown


Do you want to help but don't have the time? Please consider making a donation today. Each donation allows us to provide care and treatment to victims of sexual assault. 

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